Found the lost ring, thanked Harry Styles fans and tried to reconnect it

Harry Styles takes over the TODAY plaza with unforgettable performances

Styles lost his Gucci ring, valued at $350, when it fell off his finger during his performance on April 22 and landed in the crowd.

A group of attendees described the design of a lion's head in metal with an aged gold finish, according to the Gucci website.

claimed to have found the assistant, and enlisted the help of fellow fans to bring it back to Styles.

A Twitter account by the name of @heresharrysring was created to do just that.

The account posted photos of fans reaching out to Harry himself, Styles' band members and even his mother.

In a post to his Instagram stories, Styles shared a photo of the ring with a caption of "IT HATH RETURNED. THANK YOU."

The ring returns to Styles just ahead of the release of his third studio album "Harry's House" that comes out on Friday.